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Steinway & Sons - Crown Jewels

In 1999 bracht Steinway & Sons een exclusieve Crown Jewel Collection buffet- en vleugelpiano’s op de pianomarkt. Hun adembenemende kleuren worden verkregen uit de ’s werelds meest exclusieve natuurlijke houtsoorten.

Dit zijn meer dan muziekinstrumenten, het zijn ware kunstwerken.

The Sapphire

Tiefblau und sagenumwoben. Die Linien, die sich in der Mitte dieses Steines kreuzen, symbolisieren Hoffnung, Treue und Schicksal.

The Sapphire by Steinway & Sons
Gefertigt aus edelstem Ostindisch Palisander. Charaktervoll und faszinierend ist der Ausdruck seiner individuellen Maserung. Warm und tief ist der Glanz, der von diesem Flügel ausgeht. Ein Wert für die Ewigkeit.

The Sapphire

Ostindisch Palisander, Familie der Leguminosae Papilionatae

Edelholz aus Südasien, Ostindien und Sri Lanka. Diese dekorative Holzart wird gern im Möbelbau verwendet und kommt bevorzugt dort zum Einsatz, wo hohe Ansprüche an das Ausstattungsholz gestellt werden. Aufgrund seiner individuellen Maserung wird Ostindisch Palisander auch als attraktives Furnier im Instrumenten- bzw. Flügelbau eingesetzt.


The Malachite

A symbol of hope and confidence since time immemorial – savor the infinite richness of its flowing lines and explore the hidden depths of its glorious coloring.

The Malachite by Steinway & Sons
Crafted in the finest amber wood, resplendent in its striped and speckled grain. A jewel of Nature as a gift for mankind.

The Malachite

Amber Wood, Hamamelidaceae Family

An exquisite, particularly striking wood with warm coloring from North and Central America.

This precious wood can be compared with the pear-wood. Woodcarver like it as much as furniture, case or instrument builders.

The Opal

Radiant beauty. Its turquoise coloring shimmers like the sun reflected in the sea.

The Opal by Steinway & Sons
Made of finest Kewazinga Bubinga. Its unique richly contrasting grain and soft, bright sheen give this piano a wonderful lightness and irresistible charm. A symphony for the senses.

The Opal

Kewazinga Bubinga, Leguminosae Caesalpinioideae Family

Highly-valued West African wood with a highly distinctive pattern and grain which makes it look lively and powerful. This wood is often used for fine, colored or striped luxury veneers which are used for example for the interior fittings of cars, in the building of furniture or as parquet.

The Ruby

The ruby, with its exquisite sparkle, is both rare and enticing. Its deep red fire is as everlasting as love.

The Ruby by Steinway & Sons
The most valuable of the Crown Jewels, made of finest Macassar Ebony. Its fascinating deep black color mingled with reddish brown pulses with breathtaking power. An expression of love for the unique.

The Ruby

Macassar Ebony, Ebenaceae Family

An extremely high and valuable wood from Celebes.

This elegant veneer with its black-reddish grain gives every room a touch of exotic. Therefore, it is frequently used for interior designs, for the production of fine furniture or for wood inlays.

The Emerald

Symbol of fertility, life, and wisdom. Its intense green color exercises a magical attraction.

The Emerald by Steinway & Sons
Made of finest Santos Rosewood. Its soft sheen, the subtle interplay of its warm brown tones and the repetition of its distinctive grain make this grand piano a rare, high-carat jewel.

The Emerald

Santos Rosewood, Fabaceae Family

One of the most distinctive of the rare woods, found in South America and featuring reddish-brown coloring. This exquisite wood fulfills the highest demands and is well established as a decorative furniture wood.

The Topaz

Soft as golden sunset. Warm as an open fire. As beautiful as a rare flower.

The Topaz by Steinway & Sons
Made of finest Pommelé Mahogany. The charismatic patterning of this exceptional instrument exudes a powerful luster and an intense warmth. A wonder of nature, and a masterpiece from Steinway & Sons.

The Topaz

Pommelé Mahogany, Meliaceae Family

Central American mahogany with a highly unusual dappled pattern. Due to its mostly regular stripe pattern, this wood is often used for the production of exquisite deck veneers.

The Jasper

Precious and rich in color like life itself with its vibrant, individual facets.

The Jasper by Steinway & Sons
Made of lavish burl walnut. The distinctive pattern and warm, dark coloring of the wood combine in ever-new variations, striking in their virtuosity. An exceptional piano that is a true work of art.

The Jasper

Burl Walnut, Juglandaceae Family

Distinguished in origin: a captivating and rare wood from North America. The satin luster and the interesting pattern make this wood to one of the most appreciated and attractive wood.

The Aquamarine

Long admired for its transparency and radiant luminosity, in shades that range from sky blue to the darker coloring of the ocean.

The Aquamarine by Steinway & Sons
Made of finest ice birch with a pattern that shimmers like an ice-frosted window-pane. A unique jewel made iridescent by the light.

The Aquamarine

Ice birch, Betulaceae Family

An exceptionally decorative wood from the polar region. There are more than 60 birch woods existing. The birch used for the Steinway Crown Jewels stands out due to its extraordinary structure and strong brilliance and depth.

The Tiger Eye

Mysterious and exotic like the magnificent beast for which it is named, conjuring up the infinite richness of Nature.

The Tiger Eye by Steinway & Sons
Made of the distinctive wood of the Indian apple tree, its subtle reddish sheen accentuated by a natural rhythm of darker stripes. A bright ember of eternity, a radiant highlight for generations.

The Tiger Eye

Indian Apple, Cunoniaceae Family

Accentuated by a natural rhythm: a fine wood of eloquent expressiveness from South America, also known under the name tineo. This wood is mainly used as veneer or timber for the interior design and cabinetmaking. It can mostly be found in Chile and gives each furniture and each instrument an exotic flair.

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